Renewable. Dependable. Local.

A proposed wind farm at the Fremantle Port, to re-power the community with locally-owned renewable energy and add an iconic landmark to this amazing city

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Land access is *the* barrier to this project going ahead. The Fremantle Port Authority have decided not to allow us to lease the land, for reasons that have not been transparently communicated. Without land there isn’t a project to be built.
We've created an awesome and enlightening Frequently Asked Questions to answer your questions and concerns. We'd also love to meet you at our next community engagement (like Windy Beers!).

Contact your politicians

The eight circles of Fremantle Port land we need to lease is state-owned, but controlled by the FPA. We have support from politicians at municipal, state and federal levels. In all three parties. But some of them don't believe we have enough *community* support for this project.
Help prove them wrong: Write, email, question them in public forums (like radio shows) — tell them you support the FCWF, and ask how they'll help us make this dream a reality.

Spread the word

So many have heard of our project, but don't realise how wonderful its outcomes could be, or how simple the barriers are to making it happen. Help us raise awareness of this amazing opportunity at your community event, or local business. Contact us, and consider adding your details to our database of skilled potential helpers!


From The Blog

Co-creation Day: ready to make the wind farm a reality?

Come along to this volunteer strategy co-creation workshop develop some actionable ideas, link up with fellow passionate individuals and start on action plans. Where: Fremantle Council Chambers Reception Room, 8 William Street, Fremantle When: Saturday 14 March, 2pm – 5pm Bring: nibbles to share if you can RSVP: email (clicking go on the facebook […]

March Windy Beers

Windy Beers (the Fremantle Community Wind Farm’s informal community get-together and update) is happening at Clancy’s in Fremantle on Tuesday March 10th from 6:30-8:00pm. Lots of reasons to come and chat: – We’ve been in the news a whole lot in the past two months, so come along to find out why, and how it’s […]

In case you missed Saturday’s West Australian

The West Australian published an article last Saturday about our project on the cover of the Agenda section (if you missed it, read a scan here). The article was well-written, and the journalist Kate Emery sought comment from key players. Dean Nalder, Minister for Transport and responsible for the Fremantle Port Authority, had this to say: “The […]

Port Authority unable to explain opposition when questioned by government committee

On 8 December 2014, the CEO of the Fremantle Port Authority was brought before the Estimates and Financial Operations Committee, to be queried for evidence supporting his opposition to a community-owned wind farm on state land at the port. Astoundingly, Mr Leatt-Hayter was able to answer at least five distinct questions with the same single […]

New Year Windy Beers, Jan 15th at Clancy’s

Our first Windy Beers (the Fremantle Community Wind Farm’s informal community get-together and update) for 2015 is happening at Clancy’s in Fremantle on Thursday Jan 15th from 6:30-8:00pm. Come along and meet the team including some new faces; chat and ask about the project; discuss your ideas; share some love; buy bumper or bin stickers; […]

Abseiling Fundraiser Day, March 1st

note this event has been rescheduled to March due to Sven’s availability. Apologies for any inconvenience. Dear Fremantle Community Wind Farmers, One of our supporters, Sven Borg from the commercial abseiling company Spacechameleon Adventure Co (website/FB) has made us a generous offer. He will host an abseiling day in the hills at the usual price, but donate […]

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