Take Action!

Help make a difference

It is of utmost importance that you voice your views with the key people responsible for Fremantle Port operations why you want the Fremantle Community Wind Farm.

Make a firm request by asking the key person for her/his commitment to make it happen now (that is, that we need land access to accommodate the wind turbines at the port). You can also invite the person to a community meeting to create proactive and positive conversations about this project.

Action Resources (with sample letters!)

We have a number of sample letters.

This one from Barry Ladbrook is the newest, clearest, and most persuasive as it addresses key barriers. (his referenced Waubra letter here)
Another sample letter written to the WA Ministers (courtesy Mr Shannon Hewitt) including all the WA Ministers’ and MPs’ email addresses.
Lastly a sample letter written to WA Ministers.

You’ve got options!

Below is our list of key people with whom to communicate either in writing (pick and mix letters), in person or by phone (or best all three), using your own words like:

  • The Port is in the way: request of the Port to get out of the way to make this project happen by making land available to host the wind turbines.
  • I want to invest in sustainable energy, in a truly local project that I can see and relate to every day …
  • We are in the middle of climate change and we need this project now. I request your support and your leadership in making it happen. What do you promise to do?
  • … advise the Port in what ways the Port can see itself as the beneficiary of the wind farm (win-win for all parties: community, port, project team).
  • This renewable energy project is fantastic and a very positive project for Fremantle. This is a project of public value.
  • The City of Fremantle is supporting the wind farm, why not you?
  • The wind farm is such an important project for state development into a sustainable society …
  • I am calling / writing to hold you accountable for your Fremantle Ports’ Mission:
    “To facilitate trade in a sustainable way.”

What response you may expect (and prepare for!)

When queried, the FPA along with uninformed politicians will claim a wind farm is unfeasible, and repeatedly make reference to a consultant’s report, from 2011, commissioned to scope a port-owned wind farm.  Your FCWF team went to substantial effort to obtain this report through the Freedom of Information Act, a year-long process which concluded with a scathing 18-page letter from the Information Commissioner in Canberra against the behaviour of the FPA (for withholding public information).

The un-redacted report reveals the public claims of unfeasibility by the FPA are fabricated. The actual report never concludes a wind farm is infeasible:

• Commercially, the report states the project will work at an electricity price of around $110/MWh (a very competitive electricity price). But regardless, the Port does not bear the commercial risk; the FCWF does.
• Technically, the report is inconclusive, advising further actions. But regardless, the Port does not bear the technical risk; the FCWF does.
• Environmentally, the report states that with a proper pre-feasibility study, all impacts can be managed.
• Community-related, the report only advises that the proponents must be engage the community early and often. And the FCWF team has been doing just that, with an overwhelmingly positive response.

Key people accountable

Fremantle Ports – Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Mr Chris Leatt-Hayter (CEO)
Fremantle Ports
1 Cliff Street
Fremantle WA 6160
Tel: (08) 9430 3555 (front desk)
E-mail: CLeatt-Hayter@fremantleports.com.au

Fremantle Ports – Board of Directors

Chairman: Jim Limerick
Fremantle Ports
Chairman of the Board of Directors
ATTN: Mr Jim Limerick
1 Cliff Street
Fremantle WA 6160

The Premier of Western Australia
Minister for State Development
Honourable Colin Barnett MEc MLA
Premier of Western Australia
1 Parliament Place
West Perth WA 6005
Tel: (08) 6552 5000
E-mail: wa-government@dpc.wa.gov.au

Electorate Office
The Honourable Colin Barnett MLA
Suite 12/589 Stirling Highway
Cottesloe Western Australia 6011
Tel: (08) 9383 1505
E-mail: cottesloe@mp.wa.gov.au

Minister for Transport
The Honourable Dean Nalder
7th Floor, Dumas House
2 Havelock Street
West Perth WA 6005
Tel: (08) 6552 6400
E-mail: Minister.Nalder@dpc.wa.gov.au

Minister for Energy
The Honourable Dr Mike Nahan MLA
12th Floor, Dumas House
2 Havelock Street
West Perth WA 6005
Tel: (08) 6552 5700
E-mail: Minister.Nahan@dpc.wa.gov.au