The Team

We're a diverse group of passionate locals with energy expertise


Rowan Gallagher

Lawyer, Gardener


Rowan is a management consultant and qualified lawyer. Now working in public policy and organisational strategy his previous life as a lawyer saw him gain broad commercial experience over six year of practice. He has worked with traditional owners throughout the State as well as large companies and small businesses, each with diverse interests and goals.

Although he should have been born in Fremantle, Rowan was bred here, and still resides in his childhood stomping ground. He has experience sitting on boards for national not-for profits, and volunteers for a number of other causes.

Jamie Ally

Clean Energy Engineer, Top Gun Pilot

Jamie is a Director and General Manager of Engineering at Energy Made Clean (EMC), a front-end developer and engineering service provider for clean energy and energy efficiency projects; and developer of its own renewable generation assets.

Jamie holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Mechatronics), is a Chartered Engineer & NPER in Australia, and a registered professional engineer in Canada. He is pursuing a PhD part-time at Murdoch University, and he is a Director of the Australian Association for Hydrogen Energy. Jamie has delivered many lectures and seminars on energy technologies; and has published articles in, and is a peer-reviewer for numerous energy-related journals.

Louis Kent

Scientist, Economist, Humourist

Louis is an energy scientist and economist working as a consultant assisting large companies to adapt for and prosper in a carbon constrained world. His work involves identification and assessment (technical and business case) of renewable energy options, energy efficiency and carbon strategy.

His passion for sustainable energy, Freo, and its awesome community led him to join the FCWF team. He would love to see renewable energy being produced in his home town of North Freo in such an inspiring way, and see the local community have the opportunity to directly invest in (and reap the rewards of) such an iconic project.

Raoul Abrutat

Initiator, Engineer, Wiseman

Raoul is a Professional Renewable Energy Engineer (B. Eng., Germany) and the project initiator of the Fremantle Community Wind Farm.

He was also initiator of the successful Perth Solar Cities bid to the Australian Greenhouse Office (2008). The Australian Government contributed $13.9 million to Perth Solar City. More than 6,000 homes and businesses participated in this renewable energy project.

Emilia Lawonski


Emilia is a community energy enthusiast and researcher. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Energy Management and Sustainable Development from Murdoch University. Her honours research into developing community-owned renewable energy in WA received the prize for best Sustainable Development thesis.

Her background is in human rights campaigning, fundraising for the not-for-profit sector, and delivering sustainability projects for local government. She enjoys meeting people in the community and chatting about the wind farm.

Shane Hashim

Environmental scientist, cartoonist, #1 Dockers fan

Shane is passionate about two things – driving sustainable outcomes, and the Fremantle Dockers. He is extremely honoured to be a part of the FCWF team, and is deeply committed to making a community-owned wind farm on the shores of Fremantle a reality.

Shane is an environmental scientist with over nine years’ experience providing environmental advice and support to clients from government and industry. Throughout his career he’s focused his knowledge and skills on influencing clients towards project objectives aligned with positive environmental and social outcomes.

Michael Fuller

Engineer, Photographer, Design Dictator

Michael is an engineer and management consultant now working in commercial sales support. He’s helped many of Australia’s largest energy-consuming corporations develop business cases for energy efficiency; manage greenhouse gas reporting; facilitate workshops for business improvement idea-generations; and understand obligations and opportunities of carbon pricing. After five great years in Fremantle living within sight of the port and dreaming of wind turbines, he’s recently moved to Melbourne to work in the wind industry.