So you've just seen the Windy Kid video... (WindyKid landing page)

Learning more about our project; and helping you help us

I want to learn more about the project

We slaved many nights to write a comprehensive FAQ for you. Check it out.

To keep up with us, please:



And for more general wind energy info, find great stuff at Embark and ActOnFacts.


I want to learn more, but I don’t like reading

Check out our other videos on the front page. Or you can join us for our next regular Windy Beers (stay tuned on Facebook or the mailing list).


I’m action-oriented: Let me do something!

The FPA is in the way, and we need overwhelming community support to encourage them to cooperate. So please if nothing else, commit to telling 3 friends about our project, and share our WindyKid video (or any of the others you like)

We’ve set up a Take Action page with great resources: Like contact info, and sample letters to a local politicians and the FPA. You can also express your non-binding investment interest in our project, helping us demonstrate the huge demand for community investment.

What about the rumours of environmental or health risks from wind turbines?

These are legitimate concerns that any community should have for new infrastructure. And we recognise there’s a lot of confusing misinformation being reported by astroturfing groups (i.e. fake grassroots organisations), and a misinformed media. Your FCWF team consists of Fremantle natives and residents with decades of experience in the energy industry, and as locals we certainly wouldn’t be behind a project in our own backyard we didn’t have 100% confidence in the safety of.

We  encourage you to read our Environmental and Health section of the FAQ. We’ve compiled answers on various topics with well-referenced, reputable sources. These include the National Health and Medical Research Council (Australia’s leading expert body promoting the development and maintenance of public and individual health standards); and renowned Australian Professor of Public Health.